Ilustrado PRO- SOLD

PRE Stallion


2nd level, working 3rd

Ilustrado is the picture of the perfect PRE Stallion.  he is a gentleman is every way and the biggest teddy bear.  Loves to be groomed and loves to work.  Competed through second level and showing promise for the FEI levels.  Collection and extension is easy for him.  He will make someone very happy.  Color producing stallion with a chestnut colt on the ground.  ​

2013 USEF Regional Champion and Pin Oak Champion (Katy, TX)
~ 3/2013 PIN OAK CHARITY HORSE SHOW Champion Andalusian Stallion, Adult Amateur to Handle
~ 3/2013 PIN OAK CHARITY HORSE SHOW Champion Andalusian English Pleasure Hunt Seat
~ 3/2013 PIN OAK CHARITY HORSE SHOW 3rd Place, Andalusian Stallions 5 Yrs & Older
~ 3/2013 PIN OAK CHARITY HORSE SHOW 4th Place, Andalusian Stallion Dressage Sporthorse Breeding
~ 9/26/15 CTDS Mini Show Manor, TX 1st Place Training Level Test 3
~ 9/26/15 CTDS Mini Show Manor, TX 1st Place Level 1 Test 3
~ 1/16/2016 HDS Winter Show I (Katy, TX) - 2nd Place (out of 16) Second Level Test 3 Dressage Class

* PROVEN COLOR PRODUCER of outstanding foals!
~ Ilustrado Pro is a sweet, mellow stallion that anyone can handle. He is easy to ride and breed and has 100% success rate in getting all mares pregnant the first time.
~ He has produced both BAY and CHESTNUT when bred to GREY!
Engineering for Excellence!
Breeder of Pure Spanish Andalusian Horses - Pure Raza Española (PRE)

SIRE: URGEL III - Imported from Spain and bred by D. Manuel Danvilla Diaz de Isla of the famed Yeguada Quintanilla Sociguenza of Northern Spain. His horses are not available to the public making them almost impossible to purchase. Urgel is the only horse in the U.S from this breeder.making his offspring extremely rare and valuable.

DAM: HACENDOSA MAC - Imported from Spain from the most renowned breeder of superior Andalusians, Miguel Angel Cardenas. Sired by the legendary Jubiloso VIII, an accomplished dressage horse in Spain, it is easy to see where Ilustrado gets his superior dressage movement from. Hacendosa Mac comes from the purest and most sought after bloodlines in the world of Andalusians.

$28,000.00 USD

5005 Summers Mill Road

Belton, TX 76513

Tel: 254-715-4081

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